Tunnel Light
LED Tunnel Light
Multitech series
·sufficient optical system options with symmetrical light distribution.

·Modular design , 14 LEDs each module , and the modules are upgradeable , replaceable modules.

·Sufficient wattages and lumen output options - 15w @ 350mA each module , 20W @525mA each module ,
or 30W @700mA each module . The maximum number of modules is 10 , and the maximum wattage is 300W
as nominal value.

·Top quality LED light source and LED electronic driver.

·Worldwide safety , eco-friendly and photometrics standardcompliant.

·Shorter payback period based on most competitive ownership cost and operating cost.

Optical Specs:
LED Color Temperature                            5000K(Options:4000K and 3000K)
Color Rendering Index                              Ra>70(Options:Ra=75,Ra=80)
Light Distribution & LENS Kit Options    S1S113(145°H x 105°V)
                                                                        A2S111(134°H x 70°V)
Operating Temperature & Humidity        -40°C~50°C/10~95RH
Storage Temperature                                 -20°C~45°C
Classification                                               IP66 , Class I.
L70 hours @ 25°C                                     100,000

Electrical & other general Specs
Input                                                             120~200~240~277V 50/60Hz(Option:347~480V 50/60Hz)
Power Factor                                               >0.95
Drive Current                                               700mA (Options:350mA,525mA)

Origin of LED Light  Source                   CREE or Lumileds
Origin of LED Driver (s)                           Philips
Housing                                                     Die cast aluminium
Heatsink                                                    Extruded aluminium
Optics lens                                                Polycarbonate plastic