Hitech series
Operating Temperature:-35?~50?
Storage Temperature:-40?~80?
Water Tightness: Lamp/IP66 Driver/IP67
Model: 5MOD
 Dimensions( MM):630*3305*80
 Weight (KG): 10

Our unique modular system allows different configurations for various highways, roads, tunnels or parking lot environments. Each independent LED module incorporates its own unique and super-efficient heat-sink design that not only provides excellent thermal management which extends the LED life, but also minimizes the overall weight, thus reducing pole requirements for new installations. Elektra technology and its high-tech heat-sink design offer superior thermal heat management – regardless of the ambient temperature.

The Elektra LED Lamp is a state- of-the-art system based on 5 years of LED lighting experience. This system features an advanced modular LED and optical system that provides flexibility and superior light coverage and improved efficiency while minimizing or eliminating glare and light pollution for outdoor applications.

Elektra LED Lamps provide between 50~75% reduction in system energy costs compared with standard HID systems, depending on roadway applications.

With a plug and play installation and maintenance, Elektra LED Lamps provide a great eco-friendly lighting solution for industrial and commercial applications and reduce both electricity and maintenance costs.


PHILIPS LUXEON® Rebel ES LEDs. Our proprietary secondary optics have the ability to capture as much light as possible produced by the LEDs and project it on to the intended target. Large omni-directional light sources allow light to escape the reflector. This results in light that is directed to the desired area of luminance. The Elektra LED system uses small directed light sources, which coupled with our very efficient secondary optics and electronics, produces a super-efficient system resulting in less wasted light and more light where you need it.

Wasted light can lead to light pollution, such as Glare (the result of excessive contrast between bright and dark areas in the field of view,Light Trespass (unwanted light falling on non-targeted areas, and Sky Glow (a glowing effect in the sky). With Elektra Parking and Street Lamps, light pollution will be reduced as more light is managed and projected to the intended target.

Superior Uniformity
Elektra Parking and Street Lamps are able to throw more even light across the intended target, avoiding hot spots and dark areas .